About the Project

Introduction to the Problem

AT onsite care

Middle school (MS) sport serves an important role in the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of children. Although beneficial, sports injuries are a leading cause of morbidity in children costing the U.S. healthcare system nearly $2 billion annually. Without access to healthcare, sports injuries can be catastrophic causing death or lead to chronic health problems.

Our Work

The MS ACHIEVES Project will work collaboratively with PWCS to address the critical healthcare disparities in PWCS MS.  The project will  implement best practice recommendations for sport safety to the medically underserved and economically disadvantaged children in the following areas: 1) on-site care, 2) accessible AEDs, 3) emergency action plans (EAPs), 4) injury reporting and communication systems, and 5) sport safety education.  

Improve access to on-site care by providing 9 Virginia Commonwealth Board of Medicine Licensed and nationally Board of Certification credentialed ATs to be head athletic trainers in a PWCS MS within the PHF service area. ATs deliver onsite sport healthcare to all sport practices and games.

Provide portable AEDs for the ATs to have readily access to these lifesaving devices during afterschool activities. We also provided the ATs with medical kits and supplies to care for sport injuries.

Develop safety policies and emergency actions plans (EAP) at the 9 PWCS MS. We educated stakeholders on the new policies and EAPs put in place at the start of the school year.

Create injury reporting and communication systems with PWCS to ensure the continuity of care between home, school, and afterschool activities. We provided (in-kind) a state of the art electronic medical record (EMR) keeping system and education on its proper implementation.

Deliver free sport safety education by nationally renowned experts targeting PWCS coaches, ATs, school nurses, and other healthcare providers from throughout the state and region to educate them with the best available scientific evidence about sport safety. We also provided weekly sport safety educational newsletters to coaches and athletes at the 9 PWCS MS. Further ATs were available at the concussion education trainings at the 9 PWCS MS to provide their expertise and to educate parents and athletes.